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How to Keep Kids Entertained During a Move

How to Keep Kids Entertained During a Move

Moving can be such an overwhelming experience for adults and kids too. First and foremost, the process of packing items, can be so stressful. You have to figure out what goes where, whether it’s going to be safe and sometimes even handle the heavy-lifting on your own. If you have kids, moving becomes even more stressful. We’ll help you move with the kids with ease by sharing a few tips below.

Prepare the kids

They have to know that you are planning to move on a certain date. Let them know in advance since changing environments can be particularly hard for kids. You need to give them time to adjust to the idea and also bid their friends goodbye.

Pack the kids’ items first

Most kids have a hard time moving so you may find them clinging to certain items on the day of the move. That’s why you need to start packing their belongings as soon as possible. Pack their clothes, toys and essentials as soon as you can.

Hire a moving company

Relocating with kids is not easy so you shouldn’t plan on handling it all alone. It’s important to reserve a reputable moving company at least one month in advance. This will ensure they are available on the actual day of moving. Make sure you call when the day approaches to confirm your reservation. You can start packing your belongings a few days or even a week in advance so that they don’t wait for long when they come to carry the items.

Invite kids to participate

One of the ways to keep your kids busy during the move is to ask them to help around with the smaller tasks. You can give them some tape boxes or ask them to write labels on different boxes. You may also ask them to coordinate certain items in the boxes.

Keep them away

If you know that the day of the move will be too hectic for the kids, plan to have them away from the entire chaos. You can plan a day of fun activities with the rest of the family and let the moving company handle all the tasks without any distractions from the kids.

Plan activities during the move

When thinking of fun activities that your kids can engage in while moving, make sure you don’t interfere with the relocation process. For instance, you can have a coloring book for them to fill up to keep them entertained throughout the day.

Take a tour

Once you relocate, it’s always a great idea to take your kids for a tour of the new neighborhood. Just walk around the area or ask them to ride around on their bikes to get a glimpse of the new community.

You may also want to consider having some of your kids’ friends visit for playdates especially if your new home is in the same city. This will help kids to retain their friendships and adjust better to their new home.


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